Partnership Committee (PC)

Terms of Reference of Partnership Committee

  1. Purpose
    The Partnership Committee is responsible for strengthening, through capacity building and empowerment, the civil society including PLWD, KAP and communities, in accordance with the Global Fund Strategy on Promotion and Protection of Human Rights and Gender Equality. The Partnership Committee shall provide recommendations to guide the CCM in enhancing the civil society in order to ending HIV, TB and Malaria in Thailand.
  2. Membership
    The Partnership Committee shall be appointed by the CCM, and shall consist of a Chair, a Vice Chair, and at least 10 additional other members. Membership of the CCM is not a prerequisite for membership of the Partnership Committee with the exception of the positions of Chair and Vice Chair of the Partnership Committee.
      1. Members shall serve terms of 3 years.

      2. The Partnership Committee shall have representatives by selection process from the three diseases which each one consists of PLWD and KAP and communities, two representatives from NGO constituencies and other two representatives from academics.

      3. If members of the Partnership Committee have a capacity to use his/her position in a way that a conflict of interest defined in Annex 5: Conflict of Interest Policy, the committee has to manage and use a proper way to reduce the conflict of interest. 

  3. Officers
    The Chair and Vice Chair of the Partnership Committee are nominated and selected by the CCM.