Oversight Committee (OC)

Terms of Reference of Oversight Committee

The Oversight Committee is responsible for contributing to effective oversight of all Global Fund financed programs and related processes in Thailand, in accordance with Global Fund requirements for grant oversight and the functions delegated to it by the Thailand Country Coordinating Committee (CCM), as defined in the CCM Governance Manual. The Oversight Committee shall facilitate the grant oversight process for the full CCM by providing needed information and informed recommendations to guide the CCM in executing its grant oversight responsibilities.

2.Scope of grant oversight:
The CCM Oversight Committee shall conduct grant oversight in major three areas:
          (1) Program implementation – assuring the achievements, the right people receiving the services they need, and the integration with the national program.

(2) Financial – assuring appropriate, timely, and effective use of funding from the Global Fund Programmatic – assuring timely and effective implementation of Principal and Sub Recipient work plans, including implementation of intended results in short- and intermediate-term periods

(3) Procurement – assuring transparent, competitive, and effective procurement and supply management with appropriate quality assurance and in accordance with national law.


  • The Oversight Committee shall be appointed by the CCM, and shall consist of a Chair, a Vice Chair, and at least six additional other members. Membership of the CCM is not a prerequisite for membership of the Oversight Committee with the exception of the positions of Chair and Vice Chair of the Oversight Committee.

(1) Members shall serve terms of 3 years.

(2) Candidates who are non-CCM members will be required to complete the same conflict of interest declarations prepared by all CCM members.

(3) Members of the oversight committee shall not be representatives of Principal Recipients nor Sub Recipient nor Sub Sub-Recipient institutions.

(4) The Oversight Committee shall have members with disease expertise (HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria), one member with program management expertise, one member with Financial Management expertise and Procurement and Supply Chain Management expertise and shall have representation from PLWD, KAP and NGO constituencies.

(5) The CCM will determine whether, based on the non-CCM candidate’s declaration, s/he meets the standard for conflict of interest required for members of the Oversight Committee.

The Chair and Vice Chair of the Oversight Committee are nominated and selected by the CCM.