Core Principles of the Country Coordinating Mechanism

  1. The CCM will operate as a national consensus group and will promote true partnership in the development and implementation of Global Fund-supported grants.
  2. The CCM will include representation from all relevant sectors as set out in the section entitled “CCM Membership”.
  3. Representatives from the non-government sectors shall be selected or elected by the sectors themselves through transparent and documented processes.
  4. The CCM will be fully transparent in its decision-making.
  5. As an integral part of promoting good governance, transparency, accountability, inclusiveness, and public confidence in all of its activities, the CCM will adopt and adhere to a Conflict of Interest Policy. The Conflict of Interest Policy is included in this Governance Manual as Annex 5.
  6.  All members of the CCM will be treated as equal partners, with full rights to participation, expression, and involvement in decision-making.
  7. The CCM shall promote linkages, complementarities and consistency between Global Fund activities in Thailand and the country’s national development strategies; national disease strategies, national systems for monitoring, financial management and procurement; and national efforts to increase the harmonization, coordination, and effectiveness of external assistance.